Generous Banks grant provides new boiler

Our old, defective boiler was replaced in 2016 with the help of a £3,000 grant awarded from the Banks Community Fund established to support community projects in the area around the Banks Mining Rusha surface coal mine. The former boiler at Loganlea Miners Welfare Charitable Society & Social Club had been unreliable and not fit for purpose, with concerns raised due to the malfunctioning heating and the cold temperature of the premises. Now, thanks to the timely donation, a new floor standing boiler complete with plumbing station has been installed, allowing the club to continue its vital role as a hub for the community.
Staff and members of Loganlea Miners are delighted with the backing, which they say is benefiting the entire community – with the hall being used as a hub to provide a wide variety of facilities and support services.
The grant made a huge difference as we previously had an ongoing issue with the heating and it was difficult to encourage people into the building, particularly during the winter as we cater for the very young and very old.

Read more here: www.banksgroup.co.uk/2016/

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